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OMG, Don't Let Your Kids Like Them

What is a soap taste like?  Try asking it to Muhammad Suhartono. Yes 7-years-old boy live in  resident  of  Pakal Pejuang Barat III, Surabaya has the unique habit of eating the soap. He has had this unusual habit since he was three years old. His parents cant stop him.
Do not let this happen to your child. incorrect habits is sure to happen because of lack of parental supervision

Another story came from a child in Ciputat, Tangerang named Pipit. This 10-year-old girl likes to do action stunts on cellular tower that is climbed to the top with a height of 60 meters. She was not afraid at all even seemed enjoy and do this repeatedly.
Sumiarti, Pipit's mother felt her daughter's behavior could not bear with it and ask for police assistance. Pipit even climbing tower  behind the police headquarters as high as 50 meters. The police eventually brought this child to a psychiatrist to examine his mental. Because there are no abnormalities, eventually this child is brought into the national commission on child protection.

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