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Mulan Jameela Pregnant Rumor

Once before, Mulan Jameela rumored to have been pregnant. Even incognito Wulan cover her pregnancy news has ever widely. Now the artist singer's This Will Be, rumored to give birth in February. And reportedly also, Mulan will immediately deliver a girl, her third child.

Pondok Indah Hospital duty officer who is reluctant to mention his name it says there is no patient name or Wulan Sari Mulan, the original name of the former Queen's Duo.

"If anything we could not cover it," said the officer who declined give his name told reporters when met at RSPI, South Jakarta, on Saturday (02/26/2011).

Every family who will visit are required to have permission from RSPI officer.
Meanwhile, Mulan manager who confirmed the news about the birth was even evasive. "Oh, about that I know baseball," kelit woman named Mira.

The news that the singer Mulan Jameela (31), the middle of the two entities, have undergone the process of childbirth becomes warm conversation in cyberspace. Not yet obtained an official statement about the news.

A number of people closest to Mulan in the Republic of Love Management (RCM) has not been willing to provide information about the news. Iwan, Road Manager RCM is also assistant Ahmad Dhani, not lifting his cell phone despite repeatedly contacted.

News childbirth former colleague Estianty duet at Duo Maia Ratu wild ball rolled tub. Until now, the information circulating is still confusing. Someone mentioned that the baby was born at the Hospital Mulan Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, at around 1:00 pm. Information others cite, singer from Garut, West Java, that gave birth at 5:20 pm.

Since the last few months, the issue of pregnancy Mulan is widely heard, following her disappearance from the stage musical. To the media, had said that Mulan Dhani deliberately "hidden" because the middle of preparing for the album. Dhani even had dodged and refused to testify whenever asked about the truth of the news of pregnancy Mulan Jameela.

Not long ago, after filling Strikes music events at one private television station in the area of ​​Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta, surprisingly admitted Dhani Mulan pregnancy news. At that time, not much information could be obtained because of Dewa 19's frontman chose immediately unplug and leave the location of the event.

Gossip about the pregnancy and birth of the baby Mulan continues to be a conversation in cyberspace. The question of who the father of the baby Mulan remain unanswered to this day.

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