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Balinese Hindu Ceremony for Baby ( Part 1 )

Manusa Yadnya is a sacred offering that aims to maintain and clean the physical and spiritual life began from the moment of realization of the human body in the womb until the end of human life. Human physical and spiritual cleansing is very necessary in doing during their lives, because it can make cleanliness of sanctity. Cleanliness (purity) as this can avoid the physical and spiritual man himself from backslide. With the cleanliness, the people will be able to think, say and do the right so that it can improve itself to a more perfect living conditions. Cleaning elements in the ceremony can be tirtha panglukatan or other.
Tirtha-tirtha this is holy water that has been blessed by the sulinggih priests (pastors), so the holy water has "twah" (testament), which can lead to the existence of spiritual cleanliness (purity) was. Inside Manusa Yadnya, basically there are four series of rituals with each other can not be separated. They are ritual of Mabhyakala (Mabhyakaonan)Melukat (Mejaya-jaya), Natab (Ngayab), and  Muspa (pray itself). Each ritual has a purpose and specific goals.

And here are the kinds of Manusa Yadnya,in this case especially for baby.

a. Ceremony of Pagedong-Gedongan (Garbha Wedana or Babies Ceremony in Gynecology)

This ceremony is pleading to Hyang Widhi ,The Lord,to existing baby in the womb was blessed in a physical and spiritual cleanliness. Similarly, there are mothers with their babies are safe and in the future after birth and adulthood can be useful in society and can meet the expectations of parents.
Of course its not enough. The mom should keep her body health during pregnancy and keep good habbit in orther to educate the baby since he or she is still in her. 

b. Birth Ceremony.
This ceremony is a spontaneous outburst of joy and a sense of gratitude and happiness of the birth of the baby into the world and pray that the baby remains safe and in good health. At the time the baby is born, which should also be noticed is the treatment of placenta. Placenta was washed with clean water, then it put in a halved coconut. The palm is wrapped with white cloth and then in buried (at planting) at the entrance of the house (the guy on the right and the woman on the left). After the planting at the top should be the contents of the thorny pandan leaves in order to reject interference from the powers that be negative.

That are first two of Manusa Yadnya that relevant for Balinese Hindu baby.  There are always aspecial ceremony when a human reach the next grade of life,and i'll share you next.... See ya...

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