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Nutrition for Pregnant Moms

After talk about what food that have to avoid during pregnancy in previous post, lets talk about what nutrition they are need enough.
Meeting the nutrition of pregnant women are most important during pregnancy.
With well balanced nutrition, pregnant women can reduce helth risc both for fetus and the mother. Therefore,
attention to the intake of food and nutrition is also very important to do by pregnant women and family. Its actually not hard to take of nutrition for a healthy diet. But, the fetus in the womb pregnant women require extra caution in nutrition consumsion. For example,coffee or tea that had no direct effect for women, but
in pregnant women will reduce the intake of iron for fetus. Food nutrition that pregnant women need more are:
Is required for fetal growth and development. Calorie can get from foods that are sources of carbohydrates and fats.
For example: rice, root crops, milk.
Second maternal nutrition are protein. As builder substances its required for fetal development. Protein
found on: meat, fish, eggs and beans or peanuts.
Itis also the nutritional needs of pregnant women who are not
tolerance. Iron also serves to reduce the occurrence of anemia
in creation of red blood cell hemoglobin (which carries oxygen
in bodies).Iron can found in meat, fish and liver.
4.Folic Acid
Pregnant women is needed for fetal development and keep on
brain and spine health. Also prevents the fetus was born prematur.Folic acid
many found in green vegetables, orange juice, beans also wheat.
It is Subsequent maternal nutrition.
Calcium contributes to fetus bone and tooth growth.
The best calcium sources are, cheese, yogurt, anchovy.
6.Vitamin C
It takes pregnant women because it contains many antioxidants that very useful to protects tissues and organs from damage. Its send chemicals to the brain. Pregnant women needed vitamin C as much as 85 mg per day.
7.Vitamin A
Also needed by pregnant women for nutritional completeness. Vitamins
on immune function, eye vision and development of the fetus. Vitamin
A can be found in yellow or green vegetables, egg yolks.
8.In addition, other maternal nutrition is needed among other vitamin B1, B2, pantothenic acid, niacin (Vit.B3 a water soluble).
Also vitamins B6 and B12
that take place in the formation of red blood cells, DNA and metabolism
amino acid.

What is a result of malnutrition of pregnant women?
Pregnant women who are malnourished can make miscarriage,preterm infants born , fetal death, infant central nervous fail system and developments that do not pay attention to your normal intake.
Beside the nutrition food on, pregnant women also have to take advice
for not doing the diet, drinking alkohol and caffeine, or herbal medicines (herbal medicine) without consulting a doctor.

As for sports, pregnant mothers continue to do so with doctor watch.The important in the human diet of pregnant women not on quantity, composition and balance but good quality enough.

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