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Giant Babies (Part1)

“Masa kehamilan anak ketiga saya ini tidak ada hal yang mencolok baik itu pola makan dan tingkah sang jabang bayi serta keluhan lainnya. Cuma sesekali ada tetangga yang mengatakan kembar kepada saya,” ungkap Ani yang kesehariannya sebagai ibu rumah tangga.
Ani menambahkan, sesuai dengan akhir namanya Risuddin, dirinya berharap agar kelak anaknya menjadi pemimpin. “Saya harap agar anak saya juga menjadi pemimpin kelak, setidaknya bisa menjadi seorang bupati,” katanya tersenyum.

in English:

"The gestation period is my third child there is no obvious good thing that diet and behavior the baby and other complaints. Just occasionally a neighbor who said the twins told me, "Ani said that everyday as housewives.Ani added, according to the end of his name Risuddin, he hopes that one day his son became the leader. "I hope that my son is also a leader someday, at least can be a regent," he said smiling.

Giant baby  8.7 kg weight was born at General Hospital Haji Abdul Manan Simatupang , Monday (21/9/2009) and sex was boy. The baby was a son of couple of Hasanuddin (42) and Annie (30), live in resident of Dusun I Desa Bulan Bulan village, Batu Bara Regency,North Sumatera,Indonesia  had solved the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI).With a record of data recorded in MURI weighing 6.9 kg baby ever born in the year 2007 in Jakarta, thus Muhammad Akbar Risuddin broke the  record of weight infants in Indonesia at this time.
 comparing with "normal size"


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