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Crawling For Baby Safe

When the baby was six to eight months, they were lively crawling on the floor .... Of course you can not wait to see them start to stand and walk. But at this time, we must give extra attention to the baby, especially if there are no special caregiver in your home. You also need to provide a safe space in the baby. Clean floors, and free area from lot of things "strange" for the baby.

Here are tips for your baby safe around on the floor in your home .....

* Keep your floors clean and hygienic. You may need more frequent mopping your floor with disinfectant to keep germs from your home.

* Try to do the "survey" for the baby. Nothing wrong if you try to learning to crawl again for a while to make sure that no strange objects in the baby's reach, which may be invisible to us because it was hidden under a table or chair of your home.

* Waive your baby area of electrical equipment. Low position of electric contacts should you tape first. Make sure you put your electric mosquito repellent safely.

* Clean the baby pee immediately. Maybe you've put on diapers, but the if leaked because of the active baby and soaked the floor, can make your baby from slipping.

So thats all little tips from me. It's nice when we see babies crawling on the floor free .....

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